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Peak Forest Church of EnglandVoluntary Controlled Primary School

Class 1

Check out our reception children enjoying some time in the new EYFS playground. Mud kitchens rule!!
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2D and 3D shape modelling

2D and 3D shape modelling 1
2D and 3D shape modelling 2
2D and 3D shape modelling 3
2D and 3D shape modelling 4
2D and 3D shape modelling 5
2D and 3D shape modelling 6
2D and 3D shape modelling 7
2D and 3D shape modelling 8
2D and 3D shape modelling 9
2D and 3D shape modelling 10
2D and 3D shape modelling 11
The children loved showing off their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes by making these models out of clay and modelling straws. Well done infants!!
Solstice Crowns in the Woods 
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Information for parents about KS1 SATs

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I know that some parents have been wondering about the KS1 SATs and what exactly their children will be asked to do. Hopefully this video will make everything clear, but if anyone has any questions, just come in and ask.


Mr Lynch

Homework for Thursday 10th May


This week we are reading the book “Dear Greenpeace.” Your child has chosen to research either dolphins or seals to help with their written work later in the week. Please could you help them to find answers for some of the following questions and make some brief notes. 


Possible questions to ask Greenpeace


  1. How long do they live for?
  2. What do they eat?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. Do they like to play? If so, where?
  5. Are they friendly to humans?


There are numerous clips on youtube about both animals that are suitable for children.


Many thanks


Mr Lynch

African Dance 2018

African Dance 2018 1
African Dance 2018 2
African Dance 2018 3
African Dance 2018 4
African Dance 2018 5
African Dance 2018 6
African Dance 2018 7
African Dance 2018 8
African Dance 2018 9
African Dance 2018 10
African Dance 2018 11
African Dance 2018 12
African Dance 2018 13
African Dance 2018 14
African Dance 2018 15
African Dance 2018 16
African Dance 2018 17
African Dance 2018 18
African Dance 2018 19
African Dance 2018 20
African Dance 2018 21
African Dance 2018 22
African Dance 2018 23
African Dance 2018 24

Mapquest 2018

Mapquest 2018 1
Mapquest 2018 2
Mapquest 2018 3
Mapquest 2018 4
Mapquest 2018 5
Mapquest 2018 6
Mapquest 2018 7
Mapquest 2018 8
Mapquest 2018 9

Woodland learning

Woodland learning  1
Woodland learning  2
Woodland learning  3
Woodland learning  4
Woodland learning  5
Woodland learning  6
Woodland learning  7
Woodland learning  8
Woodland learning  9
Woodland learning  10
Woodland learning  11
Woodland learning  12
Snow Day!!

Hello, I hope everyone is enjoying their day off and having fun in the snow!


Here is an optional piece of work for you to complete. Take or draw a picture of your snowy day and then write about it. Try to include some descriptive words:


"The snow was WHITE and CRUNCHY."


and some interesting verbs: 


"I CHARGED down the hill on my sledge."


Don't forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces either!


I can't wait to see them next week. Have a fun weekend. 


Mr Lynch

Welcome to Class 1!


Last term our class topic was Mini-Beasts. We had caterpillars delivered to the classroom so that we could see them change into butterflies. Before the holiday they hung from the roof of the jar and then slowly changed into chrysalides. All five of them eventually became Painted Lady butterflies as you can see from the photos. 

We Love Reading!

Last term we really enjoyed our topic about  the world of Julia Donaldson. We read lots of her stories and made up new endings. We also wrote a book review of our favourite story and read it to the class.  
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Planning for Term 3 - Space

This is the planning sheet for Term 3